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Grace, Coffee, and Discernment in the Liminal Space

I wrote last week about the grace that Nina and I experienced offering prayer and coffee to the commuters. This week, we heard from one driver who stopped just to thank us for being there. Then today, there was a voice mail from another commuter who thanked us for making a difference in her day a week ago. She couldn’t stop because she was running late, and she was in the far lane. She had been having a rough time at work and didn’t feel good about getting there. Just seeing us helped her to feel encouraged and able to face the work situation. She took the time to look up our phone number to call and let us know.

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Cups plus Waves equal Grace

It wasn’t a dark and stormy night; instead, it was a bright and windy cold morning. Nina and I offered coffee, tea, and prayer for commuters from 7 to 9 a.m. this Wednesday. As usual there were not many takers of the coffee or tea. And many probably didn’t realize that they were takers of the offer for prayer. As we waved, with many returning our waves, we offered greetings and silent prayers for those passing by. I have to say that I had two favorite return waves. The first was a man holding and talking on a cell phone. He waved his pinky finger at me. The second was a young girl riding with a man I assumed was her dad. She waved at me while their car was several places back in line at the light. As the line started moving, I waved again and she gave me a big grin and another wave.

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Don’t Harvest to the Edge of the Field

Who would expect that a sermon on the Leviticus admonition not to harvest all the way to the edge of the field could give insight on how we work! Well, Maggie’s sermon—and her example about how she “harvested” all the work and did not leave work for a co-worker—certainly convicted me. I know that it is better to share the work and to include others in the process, but sometimes it becomes easier to do it myself.

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Relentlessly Kind

Like many of us, I was raised with the admonition, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” So I have been silent in this venue for a bit. Being silent, however, can sometimes be construed as giving silent agreement to words or actions that may be unjust, harmful, or demeaning. How do we navigate this divisive time in our world when it seems that it is now okay to say anything about anyone whether or not it is true, helpful, or insightful?

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The Lord Is My Light…

“The Lord is my light, my light and salvation, in God I trust, in God I trust.” Thus begins one of the psalmists in a poem/hymn about facing moments when we feel assailed or set upon. Some of those moments come upon us suddenly while others creep unnoticed into our presence until we are engulfed.

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what we truly celebrate this season

Sharing what I wrote for a young adult friend facing a deep loss:

Back in college, I read a bit of Paul Tillich, a 20th century theologian, who wrote about God as the ground of our being. That image has stayed with me through the years. It has brought me hope through the losses in my life.

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There are stories, and then, there are other stories

A couple of Sundays ago, as we have been exploring how even an old tight-fisted, hard-hearted miser like Ebenezer Scrooge can find redemption, we took a look at how our memories can become fuzzy over time. The community of family and friends around us can help clarify what we remember, but there is a danger in blindly trusting a version of the story without checking it out.

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The Game’s Afoot!

From a few folks who raised the question about how to reach out to the community at Christmas time, to the dream team who brainstormed ideas, to the whole staff who took those ideas and began to shape them, to Mallory who had a vision of how things should look and work, to the folks who set up stations and donned costumes, Christmas Is Afoot! was brought to life, and powerfully so! This is the way to work together, to build something beautiful and meaningful in order to welcome our community. As always, there were a few hitches along the way, but we got our giddyup going and overcame them. I am so proud of all of you, of all of us.

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Hard Decisions

As a certified administrator and interpreter of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I find a lot of insight in thinking about the different ways we have of seeing and interacting with the world, taking in information, and making decisions. When I work with an individual, group, or a couple who have taken the indicator, I always try to be clear that the MBTI simply measures a few scales by how a person answers the questions. It cannot tell someone how brilliant they are, how well adapted or not they are, or even how intelligent they are.

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All SHALL Be Well

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

I know I wrote using this quote from Julian of Norwich only a few months ago, but this is my lifeline, my call, and my mantra just now. I wear a chain with a silver möbius strip around my neck. Julian’s words are etched into the silver. I find myself fingering the twisted circle as I think and pray. This reminds me that I am a small finite part of this divine dance of God’s grace and love. The entirety is much larger than I in so many ways.

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