All life is made of threads.  When these disparate threads are woven together, they make a thing of beauty. Thanks be to God!

Hello. My name is Mochel Morris. I currently live in Fredericksburg, VA.

My life is indeed a weaving together of many threads. Born in Texas, raised there and then in Virginia by Alabama-bred parents, I met my Hoosier husband at The Divinity School, Duke University.

I have retired from full-time pastoring but continue in what amounts to full-time ministry as I pastor a tiny church, continue as an adjunct teacher with Wesley Theological Seminary’s field education program (Practice of Ministry and Mission), and served as facilitator for the 2018, 2019, and 2020 cohorts of the Virginia Clergy Leadership Program for the VA Conference of the United Methodist Church.

My husband, Jeff Hendrix, died in June 2011 after a three-year journey with urotheliol carcinoma of the renal pelvis that metastasized to his liver and abdominal cavity. After 20 years as a UM pastor, he retired, converted to Roman Catholicism, and taught 6th grade in a Catholic school for his last ten years.

Our two sons are now adults each making their own way in the world while staying appropriately connected with me.