Watching and listening to babies on the train is fascinating. So is listening to other strangers interact with them. Little Andrew got on the train in Fredericksburg with us. There were only a few seats taken at that point. It was still early. People were kind of sleepy. Now, four hours later, past Philadelphia, with nearly all seats filled, he has won the hearts of all around him. He turned one in January, started walking at nine months, and is now sharing some of his treats with others. He has not been fussy at all. Children can be a connecting point for strangers who might well not trust others as they travel.

I confess that I was a bit irritated at how loud some folks were talking but once they were talking with Andrew my irritation melted away. I really should look at and listen to people with a generous spirit as though they were the precious one, two, three, thirty, fifty year old children that they are for God.