Well, my last post was pre-pandemic. Today it is almost 23 months since we went through the first shut down.

My walking buddy and I made a commitment to keep walking together during the pandemic. We called them Quarantine Hikes and took lots of pictures, thinking that phase would surely be over soon. That was surely accurate thinking–not.

Since this strange time began, like many (all) others, I moved to new ways of interacting. The 2020 cohort of the VA Clergy Leadership Program went to meeting by Zoom. We did manage to have our last session in November, 2020, in person, just before numbers starting surging all over again. No VCLP cohort for 2021. Plans are in place to begin Cohort VI this July (2022). I’m at work on it and keeping my fingers crossed.

In response to the outrage towards the protests that erupted following the murder of George Floyd at the end of May, 2020, I started meeting with some folks over Zoom to read books and discuss what we were learning. Our commitment was to lean in towards our discomfort and hold ourselves accountable. Over the past 20 months we have read a variety of books dealing with racism, LGBTQIA+, opening the way we read scripture, racism again, sexuality again, having difficult conversations, and now talking about how we talk with others we disagree with over climate change. I’m sure I’ve left some of the topics out. The group is made of folks from where I live now in Fredericksburg, VA, and folks from the community of Christ Crossman UMC in Falls Church, VA. I love how my worlds have connected.

As the pandemic took hold, the church I attend, Fredericksburg UMC, became the center for offering food to those in need in the community. My part has been to help pack the boxes that go to those in need. I felt most safe doing that, rather than being part of the team that actually hands the food out. Also, the activity satisfies my quirkiness about organizing stuff.

I also presided over two weddings that needed to happen in different ways than planned–both were outdoors, tiny, and safe.

I have been weaving, reading, listening to books and podcasts, staying connected with friends in a Zoom happy hour group. I have re-connected with a small group I initiated years ago–since we are all on Zoom, I can take part again. A friend and I meet nearly weekly via Zoom to read and discuss books, geeking out on how our minds and hearts are being blown wide open to the amazing Creator/Creation.

I hope to share some short, small reflections on some of what I have been reading and pondering. If anyone cares to read, I will meet you here as one of God’s Weavers.