After nearly 27 years of serving as a pastor, I don’t want to stay with what is safe and usual. In so many ways, all of us really live on the edge. Isn’t that where the gospel takes us–out onto the edge? To learn new ways of expressing the Good News, to encounter people whose life experience is different than mine, to trust that God is already at the edge to welcome us–this is part of what keeps us alive.

Three weeks ago, on the same day, I held a newborn baby boy in my arms in the morning and in the afternoon I sat at the bedside of a man who was dying. I had used the same oil to anoint both of them. The fragrance of the grace of God lingered in the air to remind us that, in Jesus, God poured God’s self out in overwhelming love for all creation. As Jonathan entered a world to learn of God’s love, Bill entered a “new world” to see God face to face. Thanks be to God who allows me to be a witness to both these holy moments.